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The Luna Series

The Luna Series is a six-book paranormal reverse harem series featuring Lottie and the men who are fated to be hers!

This book focuses on Charlotte Montgomery, a human who learns about the supernatural. This series has werewolves, vampires, ancestral planes, guardians and more! Key Tropes and Info: 🐺Soulmates/fated mates 🐺Stalkers 🐺Virgin FMC 🐺Characters in mid-20s 🐺FMC who learns about the supernatural 🐺Chosen one 🐺Powerful FMC 🐺Alpha mates

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Will Lottie be able to deal with the possibility of the supernatural—even if she turns out to be one of them?

Charlotte "Lottie" Montgomery has recently graduated from Cambridge University and has accepted a veterinarian job in the small town of Lupine Valley.

Upon arrival, Lottie finds herself drawn to five men, who are loyal, protective and just a little bit quirky. Are their mannerisms because of their small-town culture, or is there something deeper to it? Something more... supernatural?

But, it turns out, Lottie has secrets of her own. But the choice is taken from her on whether she wants to share them. Some secrets need to be revealed, even if it means destroying her entire life.

When the truth is revealed, Lottie has to decide whether she can accept her new life and the people in it, or if she's going to go back to a life of ignorance.

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Lottie has realised that Roseville County isn’t what it first seemed like, and she’s aware that most of the citizens are wolf shifters, and the few who aren’t, are vampires. She’s met her mates, been reunited with her biological parents and learnt that she’s Luna to two extremely large packs. Who knew moving to a small town for a job opening, would lead to this?

As a new wolf, Lottie is learning to balance her new instincts and her wolf’s feelings, whilst also attempting to run two – well, three, if you include her parents’ pack (which she does) – packs. One of her new instincts is causing some murderous feelings towards one of the people she loves most… Katie. Will Lottie be able to get a handle on her emotions, before someone else gets hurt?

Add in the dead people turning up in the town, the stalker who’s running wild, and the appearance of the Wolf Council, will Lottie and her mates manage to keep things running smoothly in Roseville?

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Deciding who to trust is hard. When lives depend on it, unfathomable.

The council have made their move forcing Lottie and her men to take a stand. For too long these men have been in power doing nothing but the bare minimum to protect wolf kind. Danger is coming and it’s up to Lottie and her men to protect them all. The entirety of the UK supernatural community is now watching Lottie and her men. A big fight is looming and they can’t afford to screw up.


Deciding who to trust is hard. When lives depend on it, unfathomable, but it was a skill a great leader needed. The question is, could Lottie and her men open themselves up to accept help? Even if that help comes from some unlikely sources?

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Pain is inevitable. Death is likely. Will everyone make it out alive?

When the unthinkable happens and lives are endangered, will Lottie be able to save an entire pack without her mates for help? The day she moved to Lupine Valley, Charlotte Montgomery’s normal life was forever changed. In a matter of months, she discovered her wolf, her mates and her heritage. It was pack politics that brought her to an Alpha coronation to support an ally. Yet, the festive celebration quickly morphed into chaos.

An explosion rocked the ceremony, burying Lottie and her guardian beneath the rubble. Knowing her mates are trapped within the building, Lottie must find a way to free them all. Armed with healing powers, a clan of vampires and even her ancestors, the odds are looking good… for her at least.

Pain is inevitable. Death is likely. Will everyone make it out alive? Although, maybe the real question should be once they entirely make it out… will her men ever be the same again?



Healing is important to help you overcome grief. But it’s impossible to heal when there’s still a fight for survival.

Lottie and her men went through a terrible ordeal, but they’re desperate to not let it tear them apart. Between Warren’s newfound powers, River’s lack of wolf, and Theo’s refusal to complete his bond with Lottie, things are tenuous at best. But how can they repair their relationship when everything else is falling apart around them?

Finding Razor has brought about answers to problems they didn’t even realise they had, but it’s still brought a lot more questions too. Like where has he been all this time and why does he act like he has two different personalities? And if he truly is here to help with their stalker issue, why is he so obsessed with Lottie and her family?

With Lottie’s formal introduction to the Council coinciding with a heist, two extremely old and risky rituals to complete, and most importantly, a stalker to be found and neutralised… will Lottie and her men resolve their issues without losing anyone else? Or will they have to call it quits, and have their bonds destroyed to keep their pack, and Luna, safe?



One last chance to save her pack. One final sacrifice to make.

Lottie and her men are in for their biggest challenge yet, with higher stakes and catastrophic consequences for them and their pack if they fail. After months of enduring danger and threats to her life, Lottie finally discovers the identity of her stalker. However, the revelation comes with a shocking twist that shakes Lottie's beliefs to the core.

To bring down their enemy, Lottie and her mates must navigate dangerous alliances and bitter rivalries. As they race against time to stop the stalker's deadly plan, Lottie must also confront the dark secrets that come with the power of the original wolf. Will Lottie and her pack emerge victorious, or will they pay the ultimate price for their love and loyalty?


In this gripping conclusion to the Luna series, Lottie will face her greatest fears and make the ultimate sacrifice to protect everything she holds dear. Will she be able to conquer destiny, or will it conquer her?

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