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Second Chances

Second Chances is a trilogy paranormal reverse harem series featuring Nora and the men who are fated to be hers!

This book focuses on Nora Hart, a wolf-shifter who is rejected by her fated mate and decides to leave the shifter world behind. In comes fate, and she's introduced to her second chance mate. This trilogy sets up a whole new world with wolves, lions, cougars, griffins and more! Key Tropes and Info: 🦁Soulmates/fated mates 🦁Virgin FMC 🦁Mental health representation—FMC has depression and anxiety 🦁Billionaire lover 🦁Alpha mate 🦁Softer FMC 🦁Characters in their mid/late 20's 🦁Rejected mates 🦁Cute-meet-cute

Death is Easy.jpg

Death is Easy

When you’ve lost literally everything but your own life, can you learn to be loved or will you give up fighting the negative voice in your head and finally lose yourself completely?

Nora Hart is twenty-four years old, but she’s lost everything, rebuilt her life, fought through grief and worse, all while managing to avoid the shifter world that broke her in the first place.

Despite her near death and struggle for survival all on her own, she’s done quite well and has created a pretty normal life for herself. Despite all that, fate isn’t done messing with her.

Her heart and soul aren’t ready to open up to new mates, and may never be, but fate has brought them into her life anyway, causing her to move across the country as she tries to deny her connections and keep some semblance of the life she’s created.

Not only that, but that little voice in her head begging for death is back stronger than ever, those from her past who broke her down are back for more, and now she’s being hunted by humans out to rid the world of shifters.

Will she be strong enough to get through all of this, to find herself again and have a happy life, or will her struggle finally come to an end?

Survival is Hard.jpg

Survival is Hard

Death is Easy, Survival is Hard… but what comes after survival? 

Nora had finally had enough. With her ex-mate opening old wounds and creating new ones, the overwhelming situation of having found more mates than she knows what to do with, and the shock of getting to reunite with her baby brother, she’d been pushed over the edge. However, her wolf disagreed. 


Fighting her mind is hard enough, but fighting her wolf is even harder. Even with them being whole and fully mature, Nora’s lost the will to fight. Or has she? 

She has a second chance at happiness with her six new mates, and if she can find the will to keep going for them, nothing will stand in her way. 

Her journey is only starting, though. She still has to fight to survive the hunters determined to kill her, make the trip to her old pack for her baby brother’s mating, and now that she’s a full grown adult, her heat is on the horizon. 

Yeah, Death is Easy, sure, but you don’t get a week of ridiculous pleasure when you’re dead. 

Will Nora survive being hunted and tested at every turn?


Will she find the strength to keep going, complete her bonds, and find the happiness in life she thought she’d never have? 

3. Happiness is Earned.jpg

Happiness is Earned

Nora’s entanglement with the darkness came to a head, and she shattered... But the thing about breaking is that you can always put yourself back together.

Devastated by her fated mate’s rejection six years ago, Nora Hart lost everything: her family, her pack, her wolf... and her life. However, a glimmer of happiness emerged when Atticus Phoenix entered her life six months ago and changed it for the better. With his support, Nora embraced her new mates, expanding her mind and opening her heart. Though her journey of self-discovery was arduous, she found solace in the seven men who stood by her side, catching her whenever she fell.

Yet, the darkness persists, unwilling to release its grip on her soul. Although her connection with her wolf strengthens, it’s not the everlasting bond found among other shifters. As they strive to bridge their gap, unexpected issues involving Mother Wolf emerge. Will Nora and her wolf ever unite as one, or is she destined to be forever flawed?

Her quest for happiness is well underway, even with the issues she and her mates are facing. A conspiracy involving a deceased mate, a pack of wolves led by an abusive figure, and the looming threat of hunters all add to the complexity of her journey. How can Nora hope to find happiness when fate itself stands as a formidable obstacle?

Her pursuit of happiness becomes entangled with the desires of her mates, each burdened by their own unresolved pasts. Her men hold the power to grant Second Chances, but the question remains: will they seize the opportunity?

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