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Here's a list that features the first book in each of my series.

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(The Luna Series Book 1)

Will Lottie be able to deal with the possibility of the supernatural—even if she turns out to be one of them?

Charlotte "Lottie" Montgomery has recently graduated from Cambridge University and has accepted a veterinarian job in the small town of Lupine Valley.

Upon arrival, Lottie finds herself drawn to five men, who are loyal, protective and just a little bit quirky. Are their mannerisms because of their small-town culture, or is there something deeper to it? Something more... supernatural?

But, it turns out, Lottie has secrets of her own. But the choice is taken from her on whether she wants to share them. Some secrets need to be revealed, even if it means destroying her entire life.

When the truth is revealed, Lottie has to decide whether she can accept her new life and the people in it, or if she's going to go back to a life of ignorance.

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Secret Witch
(The Primordial Queen Book 1)

Death always has a way of bringing secrets to light. But when the only person who knows the truth is gone, how do you figure out what was real? It’s a shame the dead can’t talk.

Elzora Miller is a human. Wait, that’s not true. It turns out she’s actually a witch. When her grandma dies, a binding spell placed on her as a babe breaks, and the truth comes to light. With no time to adjust, Zoe’s moved to Mitagus, the realm where witches live and enrolled into the Whisperfelt Institution of Magicae.

Zoe’s convinced her new life is a hallucination—a side effect of her anxiety disorder—and it doesn’t help that her magicae is unpredictable and out of her control. Her new life is dangerous, and it’s imperative that Zoe figures out what type of witch she is and that she learns how to harness her magicae before she gets hurt.

Luckily, men from her past are there to help with the transition, and they’re more than willing to protect Zoe whilst she learns to defend herself. But when they’re keeping secrets too, how will she ever know what’s real and who she can trust?

Freya's Freedom.jpg

Freya's Freedom
(The Original Daughter Book 1)

My name is Freya Viotto, and I’m the daughter of the original vampire. Sounds like a line out of a movie, where there’s some epic tale of self-discovery and an exciting battle. Sadly, that’s not my story.

Freya Viotto is a vampire, but her legacy is different from those of her kind. In fact, it’s different even to that of her brothers. Freya is the only daughter of the original vampire, and she’s taken on his curse. As a child, she racked up kills faster than she learnt how to walk, and as she’s gotten older her power has only grown. The good thing is, so has her control.

But, her parents decided for her safety and that those around her, she’d spend her immortal life contained to her Clan. However, when her family are caught up in a sick, twisted attempt to kill one of their allies, Freya finally gets to earn her freedom.

The biggest catch? Freya has to track down her mating circle—her entire mating circle—and convince them to mate with her, whilst doing her best to stay alive. Because whilst she’s happy to finally be free, she’s one of the rare few. It’s her job to stop the rogue vampires that are now disloyal to the monarchy, and hope that she can keep her growing powers under control.

author_compilation_some kind of luck boo

The Trouble with Luck
(Some Kind of Luck Book 1)

Four best friends on spring break in Chicago on St. Patty’s Day… What could possibly go wrong?!

Lennon, Harper, Skyler, and Bristol have been inseparable the past four years while studying at NIU. With graduation right around the corner, they plan an epic spring break getaway to make new, lasting memories that will get them through the uncertainty that lies ahead.

After days of sightseeing in the city, filling their time away with laughter and fun, the day they’ve been waiting for finally arrives. St. Patrick’s Day! Settling in at an Irish dive bar where the dancing is sinful, the drinks are flowing, and there are shenanigans to be had, they have no idea that everything is about to change. Only when they each find themselves drawn to attractive, yet dangerous, men do they realize they might be in trouble - these guys could easily be their undoing.

Separated from each other, thrust into a war they don’t understand, and facing unknown dangers, how will they survive? Will their bonds of friendship be strong enough to withstand the turmoil they find themselves in, or will it be the catalyst to send it all up in flames? Will the menacing men they can't seem to stay away from be their salvation, or their damnation?