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Letty Frame

Author of the Luna Series

Letty Frame is an author who writes in the reverse harem romance genre.

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About Letty Frame

Letty Frame is a romance author who writes in the reverse harem genre. #whychoose, right? Letty lives in ever-rainy England with her fiancé and newborn daughter. Between baby playdates and boring household tasks, Letty gives the voices in her head the freedom to tell their stories. Whether that’s in the form of a wolf-shifter on a quest to defeat her stalker or a witch trying to find her place in the world, Letty loves every story they bring her!

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Newest Release

Survival is Hard

25 February 2023

Death is Easy, Survival is Hard… but what comes after survival? 

Nora had finally had enough. With her ex-mate opening old wounds and creating new ones, the overwhelming situation of having found more mates than she knows what to do with, and the shock of getting to reunite with her baby brother, she’d been pushed over the edge. However, her wolf disagreed. 


Fighting her mind is hard enough, but fighting her wolf is even harder. Even with them being whole and fully mature, Nora’s lost the will to fight. Or has she?

She has a second chance at happiness with her six new mates, and if she can find the will to keep going for them, nothing will stand in her way. 

Her journey is only starting, though. She still has to fight to survive the hunters determined to kill her, make the trip to her old pack for her baby brother’s mating, and now that she’s a full grown adult, her heat is on the horizon. 

Yeah, Death is Easy, sure, but you don’t get a week of ridiculous pleasure when you’re dead. 

Will Nora survive being hunted and tested at every turn?

Will she find the strength to keep going, complete her bonds, and find the happiness in life she thought she’d never have?

Survival is Hard is the second installment in the Second Chances trilogy. This series is a slow-burn reverse harem romance, and there is a guaranteed HEA at the end of the third book.



TBA—Early 2023

This is the final book in the Luna Series.

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