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Letty Frame

International Bestselling Author

Letty Frame is an author who writes in the paranormal reverse harem romance genre.

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About Letty Frame

Letty Frame is a romance author who writes in the reverse harem genre. #whychoose, right? Letty lives in ever-rainy England with her fiancé and newborn daughter. Between baby playdates and boring household tasks, Letty gives the voices in her head the freedom to tell their stories. Whether that’s in the form of a wolf-shifter on a quest to defeat her stalker or a witch trying to find her place in the world, Letty loves every story they bring her!

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Newest Release

Baby's First Howl

11 April 2024

Secrets are dangerous, nobody knows that more than Maia. But when the secrets held involve decades old family drama… she’ll learn that blood may not be thicker than water.

One moment Maia Blake is a grieving fiancée, the next she’s got a plus sign on a pregnancy test. But just when she wraps her head around her new future, she uncovers something her fiancé, Ryan, hid from her.

He was a werewolf, and their newborn daughter is one too.

But that’s just the beginning of the chaos Maia finds herself in as she learns about the werewolf world. Maia finds herself the object of desire for four identical Alpha werewolves, each more possessive and growly than the last. Bound by destiny, they’re all fated to be hers.

As Maia navigates her new reality, she’s drawn into a dangerous web of pack rivalries and family secrets. But the biggest threat is Ryan’s family and their desire for full custody. They doubt her ability to care for Phoebe since Maia is human.

But Maia’s hiding a big secret of her own, that nobody—not even her new mates—can know about. She’s not just human, she’s also clairvoyant. Or at least, how else would she keep seeing the ghost of her dead fiancé?

Torn between her new mates, the safety of her child, and the lingering pain of the past, Maia stands at a crossroads. Can she trust her new mates, protect her daughter, and uncover the truth behind Ryan's death? Or will her revelations be the spark that reignites ancient feuds, plunging the packs into chaos once more?

Coming Soon...

Don't Touch

Maeve is a rare mythical creature, a chameleon shifter, with incredible abilities to transform into any form she wishes. But her past abuse has left her with an anxiety disorder and haphephobia, making it impossible for her to recognise her fated mates, who she must touch to form a bond.


When an unknown stalker begins to threaten her life, Maeve must flee her only place of safety, relying on her potential mates and best friend for protection in a world that doesn’t want her to survive.


To overcome her deepest fears and embrace her destiny, she must confront the trauma that has haunted her for all these years. The question is: is she strong enough or will she cut them loose to protect herself?

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