Stalker Prologue

“Lottie, wake up.”

I wish I could. But I can’t force my eyes awake. I can’t make a sound. I can’t even move.

I’m floating. My mind is present, but it’s all wrong. I’m not able to bring myself back to the moment, back to what’s happening around me.

“Lottie, princess, please don’t do this,” someone pleads. This voice is different from the one that just spoke. Who are they and why are they calling my name?

“She’s not fucking waking up,” a voice roars, and I can feel the power surrounding him rising as his frustration does. What the fuck is he?

“River, go get Freya,” the first voice commands. River? Freya? Who are these people? “Warren, go get her some clothes. She’s fucking freezing. We need to get her out of this wet bikini.”

Warren! I need to find Warren. I need to save him. He’s going to be hurt, he’s going to die.


“Go,” he commands, and it takes a moment before the man with the dangerous energy leaves the room.

The man who remains by my side, starts talking to me, reassuring me that everything is gonna be okay, that he’s going to help me. But his words are meaningless. I don’t know who he is, and I don’t trust the words he is saying, but I’m pretty sure that he’s the one who did this to me.

I think that, but there’s a part of me screaming at me, begging to be listened to, telling me that this is not the case. The presence inside is telling me I’m safe, but I don’t think I can trust that part of myself.

There’s something wrong with my mind. It’s broken. Despite how messed up I’m feeling, that’s one thing that I know for certain. I can feel something within me—an invader, a dangerous invader—trying to force itself up, trying to take over my body.

But I won’t let it.

I need help.

But I don’t have any.

I need my mind back so that I can stop this threat inside of me. I need my body back. I need control.

Because something has hurt me, something is trying to destroy me.

But I can’t let it.

I can feel my body being moved, as a cool breeze hits me. My teeth chatter, the sound rattling around my head, as something is tugged over my head, and a soft fabric—cotton, maybe—starts covering my body. It takes a moment or two before the thick blanket is put back over me, and I’m warm again.

I can feel the energies of the men leaving my immediate side, and I start panicking even more. Which one of them is Warren? Is he in danger now?

I try to move my hands, to make a sound, but I can’t. Someone strokes my hair, telling me they didn’t leave the room, but instead of being nice and soothing, it only causes the beast within to roar. Was it Warren, the man I’ve been told to save or was it the evil one, who did this to me?

They’re sitting quietly talking to each other, unaware of my inner plight, but I don’t understand why they won’t leave. I’m vulnerable, and they can easily hurt me… so why aren’t they? What are they waiting for?

I hear my name a few times, but I’m finding it hard to focus on the rest of their words.

I wish they’d just leave.

And yet, the invader whines within me, because it doesn’t like that idea at all.

I’m not sure how long it is before I can feel some more people coming into the room… three of them, I think.

One familiar energy—he was the upset man earlier—River, maybe. But the other two? All I can tell is that their power is off the charts. That they’re dangerous. That they’re going to hurt me.

This is clearly what the other two men were waiting for. Reinforcements.

“Fix her!”

Whoa, what?

I strain my ears, trying to hear the silent words, but of course I can’t. A cool hand touches my shoulder, giving it a light squeeze before they shove their power into me. My invader doesn’t like that though, and fights against it.

I can’t help one way or another. I’m helpless. I can’t stop the invader, the alien within me, and I can’t fight the power from this woman.

But even if I could… I don’t know which side I’d pick.

“She’s fighting me,” the woman murmurs, helplessly. No I’m not. “I’m not… wolves aren’t my thing, as you all know. I don’t think—”

“I don’t fucking care,” the powerhouse of a man roars, and it sounds like someone punches the wall. I bet it was the evil man, but maybe it was Warren. Maybe Warren’s slowing losing his mind too. Is that the danger I need to save him from? Am I already losing him? “It’s your fucking job to fix her. You owe her this after what she did for us last night.”

What did I do? How do I know these people?

His voice prompts the alien within me to start powering up even more, almost as if there’s some connection between me and the man that it’s leeching off. Thankfully, the woman’s power is kicked out of us by the invader, before a block is placed around my body so nobody else can get close.

The alien shouldn’t be here… but at least it’s protecting us both.

Don’t talk to her like that,” a new voice says, and although the words are said in a controlled calm tone… I can feel goosebumps racing across my skin. He’s dangerous. Powerful. Scary.

“You don’t scare me, demon.” Well he fucking scares me, so please shut up and kindly stop agitating the powerful man.

“Enough!” the man who has been with me this entire time yells. “River, back the fuck down. None of this is helping Lottie. Freya, please… there’s got to be something that you can do. I can feel her presence, but, she’s just not here.”

“I’m sorry, Eli, I wish I could,” she says quietly. “Her wolf is fighting me. She can feel my power, and it’s a threat to her. Right now, Lottie’s wolf is doing everything she can to keep Lottie safe from harm, and since she perceives me as a threat, that includes from me too.”

“So what the fuck do we do?” a broken voice whispers. “How are we meant to help her?”

You’re not meant to help me, Warren. It’s my job to help you—to save you. Your life is so much more important than mine. The ancestors showed me the truth, and although I don’t know the man—any of these people, really—I know that I need to save him from death.

Because if he dies… the world will never be the same.

The alien invader whines, devastated at the idea of Warren dying strangely, and this time when it forces it’s way up, I let it. I slide back into my mind where it’s completely safe. I hide from the danger.

Maybe the alien can save Warren. Because honestly, with the knowledge I now have, maybe it’s best for me to never see the light of day ever again.

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