Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

How many books will there be in each series?

  1. The Luna Series will have six books.

  2. Some Kind of Luck will have six books.

  3. The Primordial Queen will have five books.

  4. Second Chances will be a trilogy.

  5. At this stage, I'm unsure how many books will be in The Original Daughter series, but it will be at least three.

Who designed your covers?

1. The Luna Series covers were designed by Angel! You can find her here: Damn Good Store

2. Freya's Freedom was designed by Angel! You can find her here: Damn Good Store

3. Secret Witch was designed by Angel! You can find her here: Damn Good Store

4. The Some Kind of Luck covers were designed by Tash! You can find her here: Dazed Designs

Why the delay in releases?

I found out I was pregnant in May 2021, and unfortunately, I had a very hard pregnancy.

I'm now in my postpartum period with a healthy baby girl, and I'm trying to recover from postnatal complications.

It's taking me longer to work, around the health complications and now a newborn.

My next release will be Stalker (Book 5 in the Luna Series) and will be released in July.

What has happened to Death is Easy?

Death is Easy is a passion project I started during a dark time in my life, and Nora's story deserves to be told properly without rushing.

My current plan is to release DiE once I'm back from maternity leave, so I don't currently have an official date, but I will update here as soon as I have one!

How can I purchase signed paperbacks?

At the moment, I'm on maternity leave so I'll not be doing them until I'm back!

However, I have set up the store page on my website where you can buy them. I am in the UK, so international shipping will be expensive, but I'll also be offering bookplates!

Signed books that have been won in prizes prior to my maternity leave, will be sent once I'm back.