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The Original Daughter

The Original Daughter is paranormal reverse harem series featuring Freya and the men who are fated to be hers!

This book focuses on Freya Viotto, the daughter of the original vampire, and her journey into becoming one herself. This series has werewolves, vampires, angels, demons, and some fun things in between. Key Tropes and Info: 🩸Soulmates/fated mates 🩸Mating marks 🩸LOTS of biting 🩸Virgin FMC 🩸An incubus demon 🩸Virgin MMCs 🩸Tortured MMC 🩸Blood play 🩸Chosen one 🩸Powerful FMC 🩸Best Friends-to-lovers 🩸FMC who fights the bond 🩸MMCs who fight the bond

Freya's Freedom.jpg

Freya's Freedom

My name is Freya Viotto, and I’m the daughter of the original vampire. Sounds like a line out of a movie, where there’s some epic tale of self-discovery and an exciting battle. Sadly, that’s not my story.

Freya Viotto is a vampire, but her legacy is different from those of her kind. In fact, it’s different even to that of her brothers. Freya is the only daughter of the original vampire, and she’s taken on his curse. As a child, she racked up kills faster than she learnt how to walk, and as she’s gotten older her power has only grown. The good thing is, so has her control.

But, her parents decided for her safety and that those around her, she’d spend her immortal life contained to her Clan. However, when her family are caught up in a sick, twisted attempt to kill one of their allies, Freya finally gets to earn her freedom.

The biggest catch? Freya has to track down her mating circle—her entire mating circle—and convince them to mate with her, whilst doing her best to stay alive. Because whilst she’s happy to finally be free, she’s one of the rare few. It’s her job to stop the rogue vampires that are now disloyal to the monarchy, and hope that she can keep her growing powers under control.

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